What Can You Expect From Me?

My Name Is Lee And This Is My Sheep Selfie

So, this is my first post. Here’s what I’m about:

Who Am I?

My name is Lee Watkinson and I live in the lovely town of Walsall. I am 24 and have been creating websites for years – some successful, some not so…


Me At Cregannan Lake
Panoramic Picture At Cregannan Lake

What Do I Do?

I currently work full time behind a computer. When I’m not working, I like too:

  • sit in front of the Xbox
  • visit Wales, alot
  • visit new and exciting places with the help of Tripadvisor
  • more recently, run around catching Pokémon

Why Have I Started This Blog?

I’ve realised that I am now a grown up (I know, nobody needs this kind of stress!) and decided I need to live a grown up life (but not too grown up).

I’ve been with my other half, Hayley, for over 7 years and we started looking at houses late last year. Fast forward to now and we’ve bought one! Hopefully, we plan to move into it in September.

Me And Hayley
Me And The Lady
And that’s where this blog comes in. I’ve been reading a lot of blogs for inspiration on how to decorate our new home and noticed that a lot of other people document how their home progresses in stages. So why can’t I give it a shot?

What Will You Get Out Of This Blog?

So you’ve seen that my main reason for starting the blog is to document what we do with our first home. Hopefully, you’re inspired by some of the things we do and enjoy reading about it too.

Our's Has The Blue Door
Our Very First Home!
I also wanted the blog so that I can look back in years to come at the sorts of things I’ve gotten up to – so expect more than just home renovation chat.

I plan on documenting my travels too because I love seeing new places – especially when they seem like a hidden gem. I’ve already got a lot of stuff to write about so I’ll aim to get at least 1 post a week published. As long as I can get into the flow, I’m sure you’ll be hearing much more from me.

As well as traveling and home renovation posts, you’re going to see some lifestyle stuff too. This might be stuff that I’ve found interesting or just something that doesn’t relate to my other topics. But I promise to make it as interesting as possible. Even if 1 person reads my stuff – at least it has a purpose!

Keep An Eye Out…

Short and sweet – that’s my introduction post done. Now that’s out the way, I’ll get onto writing the itneresting stuff so I can share it with you.

If you have read this far, thanks for doing so. Hit me up for a chat or even give me some blogging tips!

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