Dolbadarn Castle, Llanberis | 5 Reasons To Visit

5 Reasons To Visit Dolbadarn Castle

If You’re In Llanberis

If you find yourself in this beautiful place (honestly, there’s tons to do in Llanberis), make sure you get yourself up to Dolbadarn Castle. It was only a short visit but here’s 5 reasons why you should check this castle out.

5 Reasons To See Dolbadarn Castle In Llanberis

1. It’s Free

Everybody loves something for free. If you can find somewhere in Llanberis to park for free at peak times (good luck!), then you literally pay nothing.

However, most people now accept that you pay for parking at most destinations so apart from this you pay nothing to see the castle.

2. It’s Beautiful

I love castles and history. There’s no denying that this isn’t the largest castle that you can visit, but the tower you can see in the picture above is well preserved. You can walk around it and inside, going up the narrow stairs if you’re adventurous.

The outside, I imagine, looks just as it did when it was in use. The footpath up to the base of the castle feels old and historic.

3. Great Views

Not only can you look at the castle, it also serves as a great viewpoint over the lake.

To the left of the castle are some ruins which I imagine were part of the castle when it stood fully. From here, because the castle is on high ground, you can see the huge lake and take some fantastic pictures.

View from Dolbadarn Castle

4. It’s a pretty easy walk

As with most places, accessibility is a big factor especially if you have young and old members of the family with you. You’ll be glad to know that although the first section is uphill, it’s nowhere near comparable to climbing a mountain and the path is clear.

From the car park, it takes under 5 minutes to reach the castle so it’s a short walk too!

5. It’s in Llanberis

Honestly, you won’t be short of things to do in Llanberis. The popular Snowdonia Railway is just around the corner from the castle and the Welsh Slate Museum too!

When you visit this wonderful place, you’ll find out that you can spend more than one day there due to the amount of things to do. Me and Hayley spent a weekend here a couple of years ago and still didn’t manage to do anything (you have to check this waterfall out if you’re in Llanberis).


Let me know if you’ve visited this part of Wales yourself – I’d love to know what you think and maybe even point me in the direction of some special places (I love exploring).

If you’ve read this far, here’s a little bonus reason:

BONUS REASON: You get a decent mobile signal

Yes, I know! It’s a miracle! Roaming through the mountains ends in patchy signal and the dreaded ‘no service’ appearing on your phone screen. But fear not – if you want to check your emails or call a loved one (obvioudly to tell them how wonderful Dolbadarn Castle is), you’re in the right place. I even managed to catch myself some more Pokemon!


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