Oh So Pokemon Go

I know you’ve heard of it. Some of you might love it (like myself). Some of you might hate it. But Pokemon Go has literally taken the world by storm.

It’s Ridiculously Addictive

I’m not even kidding, I haven’t been able to put my phone down. The game just grabs a hold and doesn’t let go.

I’ve been a fan of the Candy Crush games since they came out and I still play them now. However, Pokemon Go is a different kind of addiction.

A Wild Squirtle Appeared!
A Wild Squirtle Appeared!

The Quest To Catch ‘Em All

You start the game by creating your character – very limited customisation – and then catching one of the starter Pokemon. If you didn’t already know (where have you been?!), these consist of Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur.

I chose the trusty Charmander hoping one day to evolve him into my beloved Charizard. I have heard a rumour about being able to get Pikachu as your first Pokemon, but I’m not sure how true this is – and I still would have chosen Charmander anyway.

Catching Your First Few Is Easy

Once you’ve chosen your starter Pokemon, you begin your adventure into the real / virtual world. The map is made up of the streets around you so it should feel familiar right away.

I didn’t go very far on my first journey because it was late by the time I’d installed the app. I also didn’t walk – at all. I decided to drive around with Hayley as my wingmangirl and pull over everything we heard a Pokemon or came across a Pokestop.

In the area that we drove in, we came across a lot of Pidgeys. I must have ended up with around 7 at one point. My favourite find of this little trip was Squirtle (I now have a Wartortle too!).

Forever Catching Pidgey
Forever Catching This Little Fellow

When catching my first lot of Pokemon, it was easy. I’d probably say it was too easy. The Pokemon appears (in your world if you turn on AR) and you flick a Pokeball at it. The Pokeball bounces off the poor little guy, opens up and (hopefully) catches it. As I just mentioned, it’s pretty easy at this stage and captures are almost guaranteed. This is without doubt down to the low level of the Pokemon as you start out.

Trust Me, It Gets Harder

As of writing this, I’m a high level 8. This isn’t impressive – I’ve seen loads of people already close to the 20’s.

As your level increases, the level of the Pokemon you find increases too. You might come across a Pidgey yourself, but if it’s a high level Pidgey it’ll fight to stay out of the Pokeball.

The hardest catch I’ve had to date was my Hypno. He must have wasted at least 8 of my Pokeballs by breaking free and a few of them by dodging too – yes, they’re smart little Pokemon. But I just had to have him. I’ve been past a lot of gyms with physic type Pokemon at the top. They’re strong against a lot of other Pokemon so do well to protect gyms.

Pokestops And Gyms

If you live in a bustling city centre, the chances are that Pokestops will be littered all around you. If you’re in a small, quiet village, it’s probably the opposite.

Pokestops are normally points of interest – I find that most of them are Churches and Libraries in my area. When you come across one, you simply get close enough until it changes appearance. Click on it and spin the circle to grab some items. I’m normally overwhelmed with Pokeballs and currently have over 100! I’ve recently started getting raspberries too since I’ve leveled up.

Pokestops And Gyms
Pokestops Are The Blue Icons, Gyms Are The Taller Ones
Again, the same applies with Gyms in terms of the amount around you. Busy city centres = more Gyms, small villages = less Gyms, typically speaking.

I haven’t really had a chance to take on any Gyms so far. A lot of people by me have leveled up super quick and stuck a really high level Pokemon in their Gym which I just cannot go up against. But give it time – I’m sure I’ll be telling you about me taking over a rival gym soon.

If you manage to take a Gym and hold onto it, you’ll gain a lot of XP. I believe you also have the option to cash out because people will be trying to claim your throne.

Download Pokemon Go At Your Own Risk


If you love Pokemon, this game is the closest thing to becoming a real Pokemon trainer.

Also, I really recommend you get yourself a portable charging pack or charging phone case because this game is a battery killer. It relies on GPS and mobile data to run.

I’m not going to say anymore, it speaks for itself. Here’s my recommendation for taking the chance on probably the best mobile app / game that will ever be released.

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