My Name Is Lee And This Is My Sheep Selfie
Sheep Selfie

So, you want to know a bit about me and my blog?

Well, here’s a few of the basics about me:

  • My name is Lee.
  • I’m 24.
  • I live in Walsall, England.
  • I nearly own my first home.
  • I love visiting new places.
  • I have a blog.

If you need to know any more, ask away. I like to think I’m an approachable and friendly person.

Now, here’s a few of the basics about my blog – The Midlander:

  • It features posts about my travels.
  • It features posts about the renovation and DIY aspects of my home.
  • It features posts about things I like.
  • The name was inspired by this blog – http://www.thelondoner.me/ – and because I live in the West Midlands.

Leave a comment for me, I read them all!